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History and Literature

In (some) Classical curriculums, history is taught chronologically, going through all of world history in four years.  These same four years are repeated first in the Grammar stage, then in the Logic stage, and for a third time in the Rhetoric stage.  Litertature is taught side by side with history.  For example, when we learn about the Ancient Greeks, we read The Odyssey. 
Year 1:  Ancients  (5000bc - ad400)
Year 2:  Middle Ages  (400 - 1600)
Year 3:  Early Modern  (1600 - 1850)
Year 4:  Modern  (1850 - present)
But History and Literature can't get me a job! Why waste my time studying it? Who cares about fictional characters and meaningless dates?
History and Literature widen a person's point-of-view.  Personal knowledge, growth, and maturity are always a blessing. 
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