We homeschool using the classical curriculum outlined in The Well-Trained Mind by Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer.  If you are interested in homeschooling, I highly suggest you check this book out.  Even if you decide on a different curriculum, this book contains tons of information and resources that I refer back to again and again.  

The classical curriculum divides grades 1-12 into three stages:

The Grammar Stage  -  grades 1-4
The Logic Stage  -  grades 5-8
The Rhetoric Stage  -  grades 9-12
Each of these stages consist of four years in which we study world history, literature, and science.  Skill subjects, like math and language, are built upon each year.

This is what we do for skill subjects.
Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading by Jesse Wise
Lots of free reading time and limited movie-time (we don't watch tv at all) and video games.  We have fairly strict rules that are never broken.  During the week, after schoolwork is done, of course, we only watch adaptations of classic literature or documentaries.  Saturday is a 'fun day' and the kids can watch other movies then or play the wii.  We have personal guidelines on what is appropriate viewing for Sundays.  The kids know these rules, so watching movies is rarely a fight in our house.  If they want to watch one, they know what is available and when.  More often then not, they chose to read or play, and this has helped them develop a love of reading. 
Singapore Math supplimented by Khan Academy

English Grammar:
We are using Rod and Staff.  Very complete and very Christian.
Getting Started With Latin by William E. Linney.  A grammar-based curriculum for the very beginner.  Linney's website has more information for continuing past this book.  I also study Latin, and I greatly enjoy Lingua Latina by Orberg, Cambridge Latin Course, and Latin Via Ovid.  The Latin page will give more information on grammer-based textbooks and resources avaiable.

I used a formal workbook with my first child, but after I learned how to correctly teach the formation of each letter, I have just taught the rest of my children myself.  We practice handwriting in our notebooks as we write our narrations for history, literature, and science.  For cursive handwriting, we use the Spencerian method.